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第一, Kelvin(CHONG KIEN FEI)先生只是J&T马六甲的一名普通办公室员工,快递包裹并不会经他的手,他做韩国中介完全属于个人行为,J&T完全不知情,与J&T公司无任何关系,这一点受害人也亲自在Facebook澄清了。


第三,由于Kelvin 先生的行为已触犯我司的规章制度,我司已经单方面解除与其的工作关系,但因当事人现在还在扣留庭审中,我司会保留对其追责的权利。


J&T公司会一如既往的做好我们的快递服务,我们在所有的网点和分拨都装了CCTV, 确保包裹安全快速的到达顾客手里,谢谢大家的支持和理解。

During the past few days, we acknowledge certain defamations within the rumours and comments on our Facebook profile. Therefore, we are here to clarify the following:

1) Kelvin (Chong Kien Fei) is a normal attending staff from J&T Express Malacca. He is not in charge of any parcel arrangements and deliveries. Besides that, J&T Express is/was not aware of his part time job as a Korea head-hunter agent. Everything was his personal act. This was clearly clarified in the victim’s Facebook post.

2) Our company has contacted the victim and received a clearer explanation regarding the incident. We showed our care and sincerity to the victim. The victim did not blame the company for the irresponsible act of Kelvin and mentioned it was all a personal agenda. The victim appreciated and understood the company’s situation professionally.

3) We would like to inform the public that we have took necessary actions into terminating the member of staff under the rule of contaminating the company’s reputation. J&T Express reserves all rights to sue staffs in prison and whom are undergoing investigations under the Defamation Act.

4) J&T Express only recruit employees with clean records. To online users who may try to damage our company’s reputations via Kelvin’s personal issues, our company also reserves all rights to sue them.

J&T Express Malaysia are doing our best in improving our courier service. We installed CCTV in all drop points and Hub Centre around Malaysia to ensure the parcels safety and speedy delivery to our customer.

In addition, we would like to assure the public that we have the situation under control and our teams are giving their very best in attending the case. Thank you for all the support.

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